$DREAMS: Utility, Token Distribution, and Vesting

We have started on our quest to offer an immersive gaming experience, and the first chapter of our game, Origins, will mark our entrance into the role-playing, open world and metaverse genres. The game, which leverages features of web2 and web3, is initially being developed for mobile phones.

$DREAMS Token Utility

In this setting, $DREAMS, an in-game currency, holds the key to unlocking a variety of unique experiences and accessing a variety of game assets. The $DREAMS currency is similar to other web2 mainstreams games with in-game resources such as gold and crystals.

The primary use of an in-game currency is to buy items, upgrade items and upgrade skills or abilities. Similarly, the $DREAMS token can be spent in the game to buy and sell items from Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in taverns, marketplaces or other locations. They may also buy and sell Organic Matter (OM), crystals and other rare items as they are made available for purchase. Players can sell items from their inventory to the NPCs to also increase their loot so that they can afford to buy new items.

$DREAMS tokens are one of several in-game resources but is the only one that will be a cryptocurrency. Any other in-game resources will be used for forging game assets (NFTs), doing upgrades, and combining resources to create other items..

Circulating Supply and Total Supply

There is a Maximum Supply of 4,000,000,000 $DREAMS (4 Billion). Out of which 2.015 bn (~2 billion) DREAMS (50.375% of total token supply) will be minted throughout gameplay.

The remaining 1.985 bn (~2 Billion) is the Total Token Supply which defined the tokenomics and will be distributed over time across various activities including Development, Design, Marketing, Team, and Advisors.

The Circulating Supply of $DREAMS is the number of tokens that is displayed on BSC Scan and reflects the total number of tokens that are in circulation. The total supply as per BSC Scan and circulating supply are the same values. The total tokens in circulation are only those that are minted. At present the $DREAMS smart contract only mints tokens on demand or per the minting schedules (no other tokens are minted).

Click on this link to see the circulating supply of $DREAMS at any given moment: https://bscscan.com/token/0x54523d5fb56803bac758e8b10b321748a77ae9e9

Please note that during any vesting schedule, tokens will only be minted and released into the circulating supply when they are claimed or minted as per the minting schedule.

Token Distribution

The token distribution pie chart below summarises how the tokens are distributed.

  • Seed Investors: 220,000,000 DREAMS (5.5% of total token supply)
  • Private Investors: 440,000,000 DREAMS (11% of total token supply)
  • Strategic Investors: 60,000,000 DREAMS (1.5%)
  • Public Sale: 25,000,000 DREAMS (0.625% of total supply)
  • Marketing, Development, Community and Partners: 480,000,000 DREAMS (12% of total supply)
  • Reserve: 120,000,000 DREAMS (3% of total supply)
  • Market Making and LP: 60,000,000 DREAMS (1.50% of total token supply)
  • Team & Advisors: 580,000,000 (14.5% of total token supply)

Token Vesting Schedule

Here’s the full cumulative breakdown of the vesting schedule which does not include the unminted gaming tokens.

Please note that the distribution of tokens earned from within the game is not included within this model. Game play token minting is earned from within the game and will mint accordingly through number and activity of players. $DREAMS spent within the game will be redeposited to a reserve which will be held and locked until all gaming tokens are minted.

Team and Advisory tokens

We revised our original vesting schedule from an initial 6-months vesting to a total of 12-months vesting. With these revisions, vesting for team and advisors tokens will now start one year post TGE starting no sooner than November 2022. We would like to highlight that no $DREAMS tokens are currently minted to any of the Dreams Quest team or advisors. The extended period is being applied equally and fairly to everyone. All tokens that have not vested can also be further delayed or modified in line with market conditions and needs for tokens to be used for marketing activities, traditing competitions etc.

The total time to mint all tokens has been re-aligned and significantly slowed down in line with current market conditions and revised from the previous published plan.

Where to buy $DREAMS?

We are listed on KuCoin exchange and Pancake Swap

KuCoin: https://trade.kucoin.com/trade/DREAMS-USDT

Pancake Swap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x54523d5fb56803bac758e8b10b321748a77ae9e9

LP Program

$DREAMS also offers the community an opportunity to participate in our Loyalty Programme (LP Program) to earn APY up to 65%. Here’s a complete guide to access the LP Program of $DREAMS:


About Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest is a games and entertainment company producing a variety of products to create an immersive gaming experience. Dreams Quest Origins, the first chapter in the RPG open world Web3 game, provides users with a PVE quest-based immersive experience. It is also the first-ever game designed with a metaverse-based economy, designed on the core principle of Collect to Earn, where every in-game asset is a dynamic NFT which can be crafted, forged, upgraded and traded to enable players to own and to unlock the value of their game assets.

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ntertainment and mythology company creating an immersive open-world, action-adventure, role playing game (RPG) leveraging web2 mobile and web3 game.

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Dreams Quest

ntertainment and mythology company creating an immersive open-world, action-adventure, role playing game (RPG) leveraging web2 mobile and web3 game.