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5 min readNov 20, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that after the combined efforts from the realms of development, design, and testing, our Dreams Quest Loyalty Program is live.

Dreams Quest Loyalty Program (AKA LP Program)

The Dreams Quest Loyalty Program will be rolled out in two phases. The first phase comprises all the schematics of a standard LP Program where you will earn $DREAMS for staking your LP tokens.

In the second phase, you will not only be earning $DREAMS tokens but all staking participants will also receive Dreams Quest NFTs each month. Details of the NFT program will be announced.

We are currently rolling out the first phase of the Dreams Quest Loyalty Program.

How does the LP Program work?

First off, you will need to stake your $DREAMS with $BNB on Pancake Swap. You will need both $DREAMS AND $BNB tokens to participate. On Pancake Swap, you can trade the $DREAMS token against BNB. To participate in the Loyalty Program, you will first need $DREAMS tokens. You can buy that from KuCoin exchange or from Pancake Swap.

Reminder: this is our official contract address

Dreams Quest official contract address:


Staking LP tokens will yield $DREAMS tokens. The yield is auto-adjusted depending upon a weighted average of how much is staked. The more that is staked the lower the APR will be and the less that is staked the higher the LP will be. Our algorithms will be constantly checking and adjusting the APR to ensure that it’s balanced on a regular basis.

How to get started in the Dreams Quest LP programme

1. Where to buy $DREAMS?

We are listed on KuCoin exchange and Pancake Swap


Pancake Swap:

2. How to buy $DREAMS on Pancake Swap?

Follow the screen below to buy some $DREAMS tokens.

Make sure that you have $DREAMS and $BNB tokens in order to get the LP token.

Please be aware that you can only add $DREAMS LP tokens via Metamask or Walletconnect.

And please make sure you are selecting the Smart Chain on Metamask to connect and see your tokens too.

If you can not see DREAMS listed in the “To” box, then you can follow these steps:

Click the drop down arrow where it currently shows DREAMS in the box above. And you will see the following next box. Click Manage Tokens.

After you click Manage Tokens, you will see the following box. Make sure that you select the tab called Tokens and make sure that you add our official contract address.

Dreams Quest official contract address:


You will then be asked to verify DREAMS in the following screen:

Click I understand and Import.

You should then see this screen so that you can purchase $DREAMS.

3. How to add Liquidity to get our LP Tokens?

To add Liquidity on Pancake swap go to the following link:

You will be shown the following screen where you can add liquidity.

Click Add Liquidity and then make sure you select BNB and DREAMS.

If for any reason you can not see DREAMS, just follow the same process as in Step 2 to add DREAMS tokens. Once you have approved your transactions, your LP tokens will appear in your Metamask.

4. Adding your LP tokens to

Once you have completed the above steps, just pop over to our website loyalty programme where you can deposit your tokens.

You will be presented with a simple screen where you will be asked to connect your wallet, and deposit your LP Tokens.

Once they are approved and submitted, they will automatically start yielding and you will see the screens update approximately every 3 seconds. The screens will also update the APR, total staked as well as how much you are earning and how much you can claim.

Once completed, you can just check back every so often to see how your DREAMS balance is growing.


$DREAMS tokens are one of several in-game resources but is the only one that will be a cryptocurrency. It will be used as an in-game resource the way gold is used in games to purchase items, to enter into tournaments, or to earn from the rental of game card packs.

$DREAMS token creates a positive gaming experience for all who play. In essence, we are building a metaverse-based economy, an in-game economy that will be self-sustaining and driven by how people transact, acquire, sell, buy and participate within the DreamsVerse, a circular and closed token economy.

About Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest is building the first-ever metaverse-based economy, a self-sustaining DreamsVerse where people will be driven to participate in the decentralised play-to-earn RPG game using dynamic NFTs. Unknown factors will affect character attributes in-game, and post-game outcomes will dynamically change the NFT card attributes and write them on the blockchain (the ethereal scribes) to show game history for each card.

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