Dreams Quest NFTs — The Sandbox Chapter

Dreams Quest drops limited edition NFTs in The Sandbox Marketplace

Dreams Quest
4 min readFeb 4, 2022

Unveiling Dreams Quest NFTs ‘The Sandbox Chapter’, we will release our limited edition NFTs on 4th February at 3 PM UTC on The Sandbox Marketplace!

Moving forward with our commitment to support, build, and participate in the blockchain gaming and metaverse ecosystem, we are strengthening our effort to bring value to the gamers and users. As a part of this effort, we are expanding our collaboration with The Sandbox to bring an enriching experience.

Next chapter in Dreams Quest and The Sandbox Alliance

We are ready to move to the next chapter now that we have found our Frost Giant in The Sandbox. Creating a shared metaverse experience, users will now be able to access a series of Dreams Quest NFTs in The Sandbox featuring the Frost Giant, Baby Emperor Penguin, Bone Club, Frost Spear, and many more. The DreamsVerse NFTs will be created in Voxel aesthetics, its NFT maker from The Sandbox platform.

Dreams Quest: Frost Giant — Save The Penguins

The Dreams Quest NFTs, created using VoxEdit, can be used by both the game makers to build their own games within The Sandbox game maker and by the players who want to interact with them. The cross-collaboration is uniquely complimentary to the players and facilitates more financial opportunities to the users.

This chapter also strengthens our commitment to collaborate for the future of the GameFi sector. The launch of The Sandbox alpha presented an opportunity for players to explore the different experiences offered by The Sandbox. With this initiative, we are supporting The Sandbox by creating unique NFT assets that will offer engaging experiences to the users.

Dreams Quest NFT drop

The Dreams Quest limited edition NFT sale is the first of a series of NFTs sales that will be released in the The Sandbox marketplace. The Sandbox will be organizing the first Dreams Quest NFT sale on Friday, 4th February at 3 PM UTC on its NFT marketplace at https://www.sandbox.game/en/shop/?collections=51, where NFTs will be made available using its native utility token, SAND.

The Sandbox is building a unique virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and SAND, the main utility token of the platform that serves as the basis of transactions and interactions. In The Sandbox, players create digital assets in the form of NFTs, upload them to the marketplace, and integrate them into games using the #nocode Game Maker.

“The Sandbox open metaverse aims to be the place where NFT projects come to life and enable their community to create stories with their favourite NFT characters using our #no-code Game Maker,” said Sebastien Borget. “Dreams Quest provides a universe of heroic fantasy that will inspire all creators.”

“Dreams Quest and The Sandbox collaboration is complementary to both ecosystems. The release of Dreams Quest NFTs on The Sandbox marketplace strengthens this partnership that will accelerate adoption in the GameFi sector and bring new and exciting experiences to many users,” said Paulii Good, Dreams Quest Co-Founder and CMO.

This marks one of our many efforts to create a world where leaders from gaming and metaverses collaborate on ways to bring value to gamers, users, and move the industry forward.

What’s next?

Mission: Save the Penguins! To be continued….

About The Sandbox

In The Sandbox, creators and brands can build, own, and monetize immersive 3D worlds and game experiences on a virtual LAND they own. With The Sandbox’s play-to-earn model, every creator is free to share, trade, or sell their creations while retaining full ownership and revenue. To date, over 165 brands, such as The Walking Dead, deadmau5, Atari, Rollercoaster Tycoon, The Smurfs, among others, have built exclusive experiences. The Sandbox Alpha is live now, with full launch scheduled in 2022.

About Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest is building the first-ever fantasy role play immersive experience and metaverse-based economy, a self-sustaining DreamsVerse where people will be able to participate in the decentralized play-to-earn RPG game using dynamic NFTs. Unknown factors will affect character attributes in-game, and post-game outcomes will dynamically change the NFT card attributes and write them on the blockchain (the ethereal scribes) to show game history for each card.

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