Frost Giant Found in The Sandbox

The Search Is Over!

Dreams Quest
3 min readJan 21, 2022


We have finally found our Frost Giant with the help of sightings reported by the community. The Dreams team would like to thank everyone for their participation in #FrostGiantMissing.

Following the leads contributed by our community on our Twitter and Instagram, we finally located our Frost friend entering The Sandbox. One of the burning questions that the authorities had was how could he travel from one location to another at fast speeds. Upon questioning, we discovered that the Frost Giant had access to a special portal thus allowing him to move all the way from Mount Everest to New York so quickly.

We’ve managed to secure this footage on how Frost Giant ended up in The Sandbox.

Pick the winners on Discord

As promised, we will be offering a reward of $1000 in $DREAMS to a total of 5 winners as follows:

1st Place: $500 in $DREAMS

2nd Place: $200 in $DREAMS

3rd Place: $100 in $DREAMS to 3 Winners

Your helpful insights led us to find our Frost Giant. So we want all of you to decide on 5 winners from the submissions shortlisted by the Dreams team.

#FrostGiantMissing — Come and Vote

  1. Go to our Discord server. Those of you who are not there, click here to join Dreams Quest Discord. Get verified in #verify-gate channel.
  2. On Discord, go to #frost-giant-voting channel.
  3. Take a look at all the 24 carefully handpicked submissions by our team.
  4. Vote on your favorite submissions by reacting with the ✨(sparkles) emoticon. Please note that you can only cast 1 vote to (per) 1 submission.
  5. The end date to cast your vote on submissions is 25th January, Tuesday till 2 PM UTC.

Winners will be selected based on the top number of votes received by their submissions.

All winners will be rewarded with a new role frost giant winner and will have access to #frost–giant-winners channel. All winners will have to fill out the form displayed in the exclusive channel within 48 hours.

Yay, I won. How many $DREAMS do I get and how will they be calculated?

The number of $DREAMS tokens will be determined by the closing day price acquired from Coinmarketcap at midnight on the contest end date.


Thank you, Dreamers! We would not have been able to find our Frosty friend without all of you.

What’s Next?

To be continued….

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