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In case you missed it, we have a complete recap of Dreams Quest AMA with tehMoonwalker.

Our co-founder Steve Good gives insights into the game development process of Dreams Quest, recent updates from the Dreams Quest writer’s room, revised tokenomics, and what is Dreams Quest origins? Continue to read this AMA transcript scroll and find out what #DreamsVerse has in store for the upcoming months.

⚔️ Founder’s Journey

(Q) Can you please introduce yourself?

I am one of the founders of Dreams Quest. I’ve been in crypto since 2016. Seen and done a lot in the space over the years including writing a best selling book called Be Left Behind (a book for crypto newbies), and presenting at various conferences and working with many crypto projects over the years

I worked in IT for many years before getting into crypto. Honestly got tired of the “matrix” and corporate world. And when I saw the possibilities to go from working in the FINTECH space to the crypto defi space it all made sense.

But my heart was always in gaming so back in 2020, we started evaluating how to use NFTs for gaming. and have really spent time to work out what to do and how to do it. And that’s led to where we are now, actually building an RPG game which is super exciting.

(Q) How did you first learn about crypto?

Back in 2010 I was doing a marketing class. and our teacher was this brilliant sort of mad scientist. He just had all these wacky ideas and one day he comes to us saying we can buy stuff with this thing called bitcoin. We thought he wasn’t serious. turns out he was right. But I didn’t get started then. In 2013 I went to a conference that was like a mastermind group to debate the future. And once again Bitcoin comes up. This time also talk about these things called ICOs where you can “make your own money”. I was thinking, wow, I really need to dig into that, I really need to check it out. It sounds amazing. And I still didn’t do it. you know how it goes. You have a job, you are busy, you forget to spend some time doing it. But finally in 2016 I quit everything, started straight into crypto

I built my own ETH mining rig, bought some ETH back when it was a lot cheaper and then using all my skills in sales and marketing just started approaching companies. Projects actually, not companies really. To see if I could help them and then that just led to other things like realising how hard it is to get started, writing the book, getting involved in conferences and on and on. I have met some incredible people in the space too like Tim Draper, Brock Pierce, Roger Ver. Just part of the journey of really getting involved.

Been full time in crypto since then. No looking back. I am reasonably public

being a published author and all, I can’t exactly go into hiding. Have to run a legit project and make it a success. I also teach at Draper University for Tim Draper too. Teaching people about blockchain to his entrepreneurs. came as a result of writing the book. So it’s been a pretty incredible journey as you can imagine.

But now we pivot from journey to quests!

⚔️ Dreams Quest Mission, Vision, and Idea

(Q) What’s the Mission and Vision of Dreams Quest?

Our mission is to build a play and earn game where people really can earn and create some financial freedom but it’s also about creating this incredible place where you start in the game, you are seeing all sorts of beautiful scenery, and you are given a mission to solve. Your first quest.

The game is all about solving a mystery about what’s happened to this world that you enter that was once in perfect harmony and balance but is now off balance. Our mission is to build this amazing RPG gaming experience for players to really enjoy playing but also to earn from gameplay. Both from NFT assets they may find, collect and trade, but also through earning and spending from gameplay. To build both the core game but also some exit points into our metaverse where players can also participate in running a shop or general store to be the marketplace for the game, to enable players to earn from an in-game economy too.

Or vision is more than just building the game itself. We are aiming to build a franchise of sorts. By this I mean, we can build a game, but we can also do a lot with amazing content. We can make things which are not just for the game but can make many other things with cool content. We want to partner with both crypto and also non crypto companies to really expand our presence and build something truly amazing. This is our entrepreneurial spirit — to build something and keep going.

We can even imagine that we may start with a desktop game, but we can set our goals to be on things like Playstation in the future too. That’s of course a bigger goal and vision. but at least we know what we want to achieve. But it all comes down to building a core game that has a great experience and where people can earn and play and have a lot of fun, and solve the mysteries of the game. Many questions to solve which will be both major and minor quests. It’s super exciting. I really can’t wait to get this out to all of you.

(Q) What can you tell us about the idea for Dreams Quest itself? Tell us about its Origins and what inspired you to build?

Well, our first chapter of the game is called Dreams Quest Origins. Actually our idea really came from the DeFi space and looking back at crypto kitties and in fact back in 2018 I had even predicted that games and NFT would come together and then forgot that I wrote that and really when I was sitting with Leslie and Paulii my co-founders, we were sort of dreaming about how we could build an NFT experience and let people earn from playing. People weren’t really calling it GameFi yet. It was sort of a term just catching on but not widely talked about. That’s how fast crypto moves.

So we started by getting into looking at a few things:

  • We investigated dynamic NFTs, how to make them change over time so that they could be used in a game.
  • We hired some people to create amazing artwork to give us some inspiration and see if that would show us what we wanted.
  • We played around with spreadsheets figuring out how to run a game economy with tokens.

Those 3 things were just different ways that enabled us to create our own vision into a longer term game. It’s kind of our own unique story and quest we were on to try something out and somehow we went from that to adding Hollywood film writers to our team!

So that’s 18 months of hard work but here we are now forging ahead.

⚔️ Updates, Insights and Announcements

(Q) How many of you are working on Dreams Quest , how big is your dev team at the moment?

We are 26 people at the moment — mostly artists and writers, plus of course marketing and tech. But still not enough. It’s incredible how many people you need to make a game. Our dev team is 6 people but we are adding another 3–5 soon. Actually I need to count. Maybe our team is bigger now. We have a group doing all the creative side of 2D art, 3D art, Animation, design etc.

Our writers room of 5 and of course our founders, HR, innovation head, and our studio heads. So we have a lot going on. and it’s super fun to see the team expand and grow. Hopefully that gives you a full picture of where we are. pretty exciting from 3 founders to this over a short time.

(Q) Are there any notable partnerships or investors that you can disclose? What type of value will they be adding to the project?

Sure, yesterday we made public one of our writers. Hollywood screenwriter Michael Weiss — From the Dreams Quest Writer’s Room.

Here’s the update article:


We have about 6 more announcements coming like this. We are also partners with ChainLink, Polygon and Sandbox. Doing some cool promotional stuff with sandbox to engage the community.

On the investors side, we have been pretty public about the investors that came in last year. I think it would be good to share your announcement channel.


That’s the links to all of our channels. Announcements go out on TG ANN and Discord plus of course on Medium and then naturally to all the social channels

(Q) What are the problems with Play-To-Earn platforms nowadays?

Sure, I will tell you as much as I can. We are in a phase of story creation so I have to be careful what I say about the whole story, history etc. Well from what I see, the issue comes down to economics — you know, if you run out of tokens, then how do people earn?

I also see some issues with the costs to play to get started. And pay walls aren’t a good thing. That’s where most traditional games are having issues now. the better you get the more you have to spend which I don’t agree with. So what we are trying to do is make it so that players can play for free to start, but they may want to upgrade or buy items. That’s fine if they can earn to do that, or they can spend to access some things as well. It’s all about finding the balance.

We also recognise that when it comes to the metaverse side, land will always go for a higher price, and buildings will too. So we see that it’s important that the in-game economy makes it work so that sponsors can earn from renting out the space to use it and players should not have a high cost barrier to entry. they should be able to participate.

We also see that players sometimes like to game their way in by just buying tokens to level up fast and we want the game to be fair for all so we are addressing many of these issues. certainly as many as we can. We are working on it all. We have some interesting things we have modelled and will try out in the early phases to get feedback from the community. Because community voice matters a lot to us, so we will build but also let people try and give feedback and we will adjust our model as we go, adding in new things, changing things that don’t work and just keep going.

(Q) Most games I have seen thus far just build. First time I am seeing build and receive feedback from community and adjust.

I think of this as software development. We don’t build once. Every software company does updates, and new versions and new releases and even upgrades. We will release the game in phases, and also adjust the model and fix defects as we find them too so to me this is really the only way to build something that can have a long term value and community is essential. Our players and our traders are our foundation.

We do a weekly AMA on discord. every single week live so that we can talk to you all directly and get feedback and share updates.

Every Thursday 2pm UTC. DQ roundtable with the founders.

⚔️ Game Updates

(Q) Let’s talk about your main features such as dynamic NFT, Guardian NFTs and marketplace. Can you share a preview of the game?

Let me try to tell you a bit about the game and the entry point without spoilers. Because the writers are working hard and there are still things to be worked out of course.

The essence of the game is that there are 7 realms and a RIFT in the middle of it all. A place that is barren and unclear why. So Dreams Quest Origins is the starting point. A time far back in the past before the rift and players enter and are thrown into a situation where they have to quickly assess their environment and find out what’s going on they will have some quests to complete and be presented with information that makes little or no sense to them right now, but thats for them to unravel and solve mysteries and Origins really just introduces the players to the time of harmony and balance.

But it doesn’t explain the time before Unity or Origin. It only shows you that things have been around a long long time and we leave it that way so that we can capture your imagination. Remember, we have Hollywood writers on this. so you can imagine how far this can go in terms of storytelling.

Every character you meet in the game will have their own objective. so as you go on your quests to try to unlock portals, modify artefacts and get to new locations, try to find the elements needed and mix them to change your NFTs, you will have plenty to figure out about whether you are going the right way or wrong way. The NFTs are really all game assets everything that’s an asset is an NFT.

If you need more elements to mix, you will need to find or buy or trade for those elements and if you mix them correctly then they can change an artefact or item that can then change too. So imagine how things can be changed. not just words, but images and sounds too. It’s a fantasy world. Everything is possible.

(Q) Do you have a preview video of the game that you can share with the community? The only thing we have is the original cinematic trailer we made last year in October

But we have come a long way and it’s true we need a new trailer that really showcases what we are doing and that gets you really excited about the game in new ways.

Cinematic Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pg_ukd_gDk

That’s the original trailer. Made by some Netflix videographers we hired. I think you will find future trailers even more exciting and more clear about the storyline too. A lot of progress and a lot more to show and tell.

(Q) Do you have an expected date of the first release of the game?

We want to be amazing, not average. So we took a step back to fix all of our game storyline so that the Origins game really makes a lot more sense and is far more exciting. Also so that it fully connects with the main game that we will start to roll out later in the year as we progress.

And we will take the story and write a lot of it out so like a reference guide internally that we can use it as a reference guide. That’s part of what we are doing now internally so that we can spin off future quests and stories off of Origins to times other dimensions, in the past, future, or same timeline different dreams verse. We really are building a foundation for the future and we always want feedback from community to make sure you love what we are doing too.

(Q) $DREAMS is your token that tells us about the circulating and max supply as well as the utilities of your token?

Circulating supply is around 130m I believe. It changes daily as the vesting schedule is a daily vesting for investors.

Max supply is 4B, but 2B of that is only for game play. Also, we just announced a major delay in minting of tokens. No need to mint too fast. I want everyone to know we are in for the long term. So we delayed minting.

Dreams Quest Revised Minting and Vesting Schedule Update


As for the utility of the token. It’s a game resource. If you play any game, there are always in game resources like gold, tokens, gems etc. So we are just “replacing” a game currency with our tokens so that players are earning $DREAMS the same way they would like playing Diablo or MineCraft or any game etc.

$DREAMS tokens are one of several in-game resources but is the only one that will be a cryptocurrency. Any other in-game resources will be used for forging NFTs, upgrades, and combining resources for potions or spells. $DREAMS will be used as an in-game resource the way gold is used in games to purchase items, to enter into tournaments, etc.

For a better perspective, unlike traditional games where you may earn ‘Gold’ or ‘Crystals’ think of $DREAMS as a resource that players can earn and spend in-game, or simply withdraw them for personal usage in the ‘Mortal World’.

That means tokens can be earned from play, can spend them to upgrade or buy, and equally players can sell items and get DREAMS from that. We have some interesting ideas around how to use the tokens in game for either staking in-game to gain access to other things, get discounts, earn more etc. and equally how to use NFTs combined with tokens to give people some other ways to access secret quests or new adventures that require some staking to participate.

Of course, we also have LP staking programme for those who stake on Pancake swap and have other plans for use of staking to earn NFTs outside the game too at some point in the near future. $DREAMS token should really be used to acquire elements (essential to modify and create things) whereas buying items on a public marketplace could be purchased using USDT or BNB for example. So we are making sure that the DREAMS tokens are really interconnected to the entire game economy or what we call the metaverse based economy.

(Q) We like to finish this part of the AMA by looking at what is happening in the near term. Could you please share with us the first milestones on the roadmap?

So first off, we are wrapping up the first round of the game story, the entire timeline of history, and defining all of the “root cities’ ‘ with their history, their rules and laws etc. It’s a pretty big piece because it defines everything. We have concept art being developed with the writers to feed all of that straight into the game as it happens. All of that leads to our first drop of Dreams Quest Origins in the April/May timeframe and from there we will push out a confirmation of exact timelines for the next waves of the main game. I expect right now we will start dropping new parts of the game every 3–5 months so that there is a constant flow of new things to do.

In the background, we will work with partners to see how we can leverage the content and story for other things outside of the game. A lot of things we are looking at to really bring the Dreams Quest name out to market to bring people in to play the game. We will announce an early access / testing phase so that players can get whitelisted to come in early and play the game.

So keep an eye out for that. We will be wanting our most loyal fans to be able to get in and try.

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