Origins Game Mechanics: Elixirs

A deeper look into the world of Origins: the fall of Azoria focusing on the mystical power of Elixirs

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4 min readAug 29, 2023

Origins Game Mechanics: Elixirs

Hey Dreamers! We’re back with Game Mechanics Elixirs as previously mentioned in our last article!

Before we jump into elixirs themselves, we should probably talk about necessary ingredients you would need to create them first, specifically “minerals” and “purified water”.

Purified water is mostly sold by merchants who jealously guard the secret of its creation. On occasion you might be lucky enough to find it during your adventures as well. Maybe one day its creation will become a common knowledge.

Minerals can be found around Azoria as you explore it and then mined from the vein. Each of these minerals possess a certain “purity” as you extract it.

The purer the mineral, the higher quality elixirs you can create. After all, great ingredients are needed for great food! Probably shouldn’t imbibe elixirs as your main source of nutrition though… anyways!

At the moment there are three minerals that are used for elixir creation, let’s help you in their identification in case you’ll come across them in the future:

First up is Iribunium, it possesses a manganite-like structure and is widely used for healing purposes, it has a very bright magenta colour. Similarly to OM, each mineral has a certain “property” tied up to it. Iribunium’s property is Life Force, so best keep it in mind when you need Life Force elixirs!


Next up is Hiberium, it has a very pleasant white and blue colour, it seems to sparkle with energy. Hiberium has a property of Resonance, if you’re reliant on Weka, these will come in handy with Resonance elixirs.


Last but not least is Eborium, it has a deep blue colour mixed in with a lighter shade. Eborium’s property is Power, if you’re out of breath and stamina, you better hope you’ve got some of these stacked up in your bag to create Power elixirs.


As you explore the world of Azoria, you are bound to discover recipes for the elixir creation. Assuming you were lucky enough to find the necessary ingredients for the recipe you can now approach the Resonance table and begin the process.

Some elixirs have different sizes. Naturally a larger potion will have a stronger effect on your avatar.

After you unlock a recipe for, let’s say, Life Force elixir, to craft one you would require purified water, Iribunium, Life Force extract and a Resonance Table to craft it.

If you wish to create a larger potion, then you’ll need to use more ingredients. These should definitely be useful in any combat intense situations!

There might be some NPC characters who would appreciate you sharing a relevant elixir with them as well. So it’s a good idea to have some extras sitting in your backpack, if you’re inclined to share that is. Sharing is caring and all that.

Each new recipe will give you a chance to craft new powerful elixirs, so be on the lookout for those in your ventures Dreamers!


So for a quick conclusion. Elixir requires an unlocked recipe, mineral, purified water and an extract.

Once in your possession combine all ingredients on the Resonance Table. Most elixirs have size and purity which determine how they affect you. Larger potions offer stronger base effects while more pure elixirs enhance the elixir and possibly add extra effects to them.

Now you know about elixirs and how to create them, congratulations! It will definitely be an essential skill in your arsenal.

With that, we shall bid you adieu, until next time Dreamers!

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