Good News Development Log # 7

Combat control, AI tweaks and animation fixes in our bi-weekly report on the progress for Origins: The Fall of Azoria.

Dreams Quest
3 min readAug 24, 2023
Good News Development Log # 7 | Dreams Quest

Good News, it’s our dev log! Let’s get you up to speed on the most recent changes and improvements.

As some of you might’ve noticed, when playing games you can come across NPCs that aren’t very keen on interacting with you. Well, except for trying to fight you. So we’ve added some bits to make sure you’re capable of “smoothing” out the disagreements that you and these NPCs might have.

One of these is Combat Strafing. Whenever you’ll pick a target, your avatar will face that enemy while allowing you to move around in any direction. This should give you more mobility, especially when facing multiple opponents.

To keep up with the challenge, the AI had improvements in tracking and dealing with your highly mobile character. So don’t expect an easy ride!

There were some minor animation fixes to sort out for ranged modular staff attacks, which are sorted out now. Nothing standing in the way of blasting your enemies from afar!

Other than these, here’s a short list of other most recent additions/improvements:

  • Added an information tab to show details of spells attached to crystals.
Spell details — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Added UX support for multiple interactable objects in range at once.

Intractable objects — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Added Training Dummy stationary target for tutorials and combat practise.

  • Added support for a wider range of AI behaviours.
  • Improved handling of Stackable inventory items.
Item stacking — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Well, we’ve kept you here long enough.

See you soon in our Game Mechanics article!

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