Good News Development Log # 6

Improvements and additions to skill tree, UI, and bug fixes in our bi-weekly report on the progress for Origins: The Fall of Azoria.

Dreams Quest
3 min readAug 8, 2023
Good News Development Log # 6 | Dreams Quest

Your source of the progression of the Origins: The Fall of Azoria is here to talk about the most recent development that Damian and the team have worked on! Hope we’ll do their work and effort justice!

Your character will be thrown into many situations, so it’s a good idea to increase his chance of success when tackling things like crafting, combat and the like. So we’ve improved the skill trees which are going to be a large part of how your avatar interacts with the expansive world of Azoria.

Magic Skills tree part 1 — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

The most recent changes and additions were introduced into “Crafting”, “Fighting” and “Magic” skill trees. Be on the lookout for our future Game Mechanics which will provide more information about each respective category!

Magic Skills tree part 2 — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

It’s important to have a good understanding of the resources available to you. So there were improvements done to the looting system, to make sure you know exactly what and how much you’re putting into your adventurer’s bag.

Improved loot UI — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Asides from these most major additions, here’s a list of other changes/fixes that were worked on since the last build:

  • Added the spell info Panel.
  • Added new SFX for the creature and player on hit.
  • Added an “Applying settings” window
  • Fixed bug on dropping items.
  • Fixed bug when starting dialogue.
  • Fixed the disappearing target icon on NPCs
  • Updated NPC system (in progress)
  • NPCs now respawn after player respawns (in progress)
  • Tutorial improvement (in progress)

The wheels of progress continue to turn! Catch us next week in our Origins Games Mechanics article!

Be seeing you!

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