Good News Development Log # 5

Weapon models, textures and icons amongst other things in our bi-weekly report on the progress for Origins: The Fall of Azoria.

Dreams Quest
3 min readJul 25, 2023
Good News Development Log # 5 | Dreams Quest

Your bi-weekly source of updates, additional content and fixes of our upcoming Origins: The Fall of Azoria is here!

As the summer bears down heavily on us all, our team continues to resist the call of leisure and work hard to bring Azoria to life.

Here’s what was worked on most recently:

We’ve added more sky effects to the world! As for the ruins? They were already there so we don’t know anything about that…

Sky Effects Ruins — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Our design team added new icons for the weapons in the inventory,

Weapons Inventory — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

but also some new weapon models and textures! These are parts of modular weapons and we’ll disclose more about them in our upcoming Game Mechanics article!

Single Two Edged Blade TIER X — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

Accessibility is an important issue so the team made improvements with both the control of settings quality, you can set it to Low, Medium and High at will, but also overall performance in large game areas. Smooth gameplay is a must!

Other than these highlights, here’s a list of other things that were worked on:

  • Added new Health Bar UI for enemies
  • Added new animations for spells
  • Improved chest pickup UI to show colours for rarity as in inventory
  • Improved models for portals to travel between locations
  • Fixed bugs with NPC combat behaviour
  • Fixed bugs with player aiming at selected enemy

It’s always good to see improvements and new additions. We’ll make sure to keep up the pace as we deliver our reports!

We’ll bring you our Game Mechanics article next week, so hope to see you there!

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