Good News Development Log # 4

A bi-weekly summary of our big update on efficiency of the project and game content.

Dreams Quest
3 min readJul 12, 2023

Hey Dreamers! Good News Dev Log #4 here. Let us report all the cool stuff Damian and the team worked on since the last time. Let’s head right into it!

The enemy rooster has got two more additions in the form of a small and large cat (name to be changed in the future!). We’ve also added more AI behaviours for the NPC characters on top of that.

World of Azoria has some environmental challenges that you might come across and we’ve added a new one, so keep an eye on the sky. And we hope you’ve got a really sturdy umbrella!

We all like to receive rewards for our hard work, hence we’ve got the Quest Rewards system set in place, along with the Quest Journal screen to keep a track of everything you’ve accomplished and of course your active quests.

Here are some other improvements and new things that were also worked on:

  • Improved weapon attack combinations for melee and ranged attacks
  • Added more detail and optimisation for level blockout of Coastline Zone 1
  • Completed the new HUD UI overhaul
  • Optimised handling of all sprites in UI
  • Optimised handling of Player statistics i.e. Endurance, Health and Weka
  • Fixed minor bugs with climbing ladders
  • Fixed misc minor bugs
Work in progress UX design — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA
Work in progress UX design — NOT FINAL PRE ALPHA

That’s that for our bi-weekly summary. Make sure to catch up with our next week’s Game Mechanics: Modular Weapon article.

Hope to see you there!

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