Good News Development Log # 3

A bi-weekly summary of our big update on efficiency of the project and game content.

Dreams Quest
2 min readJun 27, 2023
Good News Development Log # 3

Another round of our bi-weekly updates on the overall functionality of our upcoming Origins, The Fall of Azoria mobile game!

Continuous strides are being made towards the MVP version of the game, as our team moved on from stabilisation and performance passes and turned their main focus towards the MVP!

Now then, let us go into the details!

We’ve managed to improve some of our attack animations to make them more fluid when chaining a combo, since we all know that it’s important to look good when going on the offensive!

Similarly climbing ladders had been improved both mechanically and with the animations. Hopefully there won’t be any accidental slip and fall to your doom situations, fingers crossed!

More work on dialogue improvements with NPCs and also their behaviours towards our player character. Along with some changes to the Journal and reward system, nothing says appreciation for your hard work as much as good “loot”.

Plus a few other things, such as:

  • Changes for playing uninterrupted music through multiple levels
  • Fixed bug with accurate lighting and skyboxes
  • New level block out with updated props and environment art

Nothing says progress as much as, well, progress!

Stay tuned for our next week’s Game Mechanics article where we’ll focus on the Crystal Infusion crafting!

See you there!

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