DreamsVerse Updates Issue 15th September

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4 min readSep 15, 2022



  • Discover your origins.
  • We are expanding
  • Participate in the Fandom Quiz
  • Explore the Ancients of Dreams Quest Universe
  • Upcoming gaming panel

As we move further in our adventure everyday, it’s time to shed light on the innovations, experience, and engagement within the DreamsVerse. This exclusive issue covers the latest updates on video release, community corner activities, and the upcoming gaming panel.

Discover your Origins

Let’s start with the highlight of this issue. We present you with the latest video release of Origins: The Fall of Azoria. The video presents an awe-inspiring frontier of the game and more into your “role” as the Hero of Origins.

Watch the video here.

The music of the video is credited to Cody Martin, Film, Television, Gaming & Media Composer whose past work includes Peace River, Elixir, Azlant, and more.

Take part in the Fandom Quiz

To celebrate our recent milestone and also give a chance to our Dreamers to be shortlisted for the Alpha and Beta of Origins, we have initiated a quiz quest comprising different quizzes each week.

We are extremely proud of our Dreamers who participated and levelled up. With 35 participants and over 16 scoring 1000 XP, our Fandom Quiz Week 1 helped Dreamers unlock the VIP Lounge by reaching to Level 15.

If you have missed out, you still have a chance to participate and level up. Here’s the link for Quiz Week 3: https://forms.gle/w3PhL2nChGd8VMNf6

Dreams Team is growing

The bearish market conditions have not deterred our efforts to build, expand, and foster. Moreover, we have expanded our already growing team and we are still on a hiring quest to onboard people from gaming and design backgrounds.

We are proud to announce that the $DREAMS team continues to expand into different horizons as we get a step closer to building the ultimate experience.

Join our ranks. Check out our open positions: https://ingamejob.com/en/company/dreams-quest

Ge to Know the Ancients like never before

The Fandom gives you a chance to dive deep into the Dreams Quest Universe like never before.

The recent Fandom release gives more insights into the lore of the characters, the DreamsVerse itself, and the state of the metaverse.

Melat’v’dia are a race of beings who have mastered the elements. Harmonious beings, they were keepers of balance and order.

Cima, a leader of the order Melat’v’dia, was a gentle ruler who sought harmony and balance for all. She mastered the highest Element derived from Organic Matter and worked with Weka.

Explore the breathtaking race and the lead Ancient in our Fandom.

Dreams Quest presents gaming panel discussion

The Dreams Quest tavern invites leaders from other games to share insights and learn lessons on web3 gaming through a supporting ecosystem. Our upcoming gaming discussion panel features leaders from the projects — Crabada, Realm, & Polychain Monsters present their insights on different narratives around web3, gaming, and metaverse.

Join Steve Good in an exclusive conversation with leaders from gaming projects on 20th September at 12 PM UTC on Twitter Spaces: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1MnxnpREdrmGO

About — Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest is a games and entertainment company producing a variety of products to create an immersive gaming experience. Origins, the first chapter, is an open-world action role-playing video game that leverages both Web2 mobile gaming along with Web3 game asset controls using NFTs so that players can fully leverage the power of asset ownership, trading, and developing their game experience. It is also the first-ever game designed with a metaverse-based economy, designed on the core principle of Collect to Earn, where every in-game asset is a dynamic NFT which can be crafted, forged, upgraded and traded to enable players to own and to unlock the value of their game assets.

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