5 Things We’ve Discovered about Frost Giant

Dreams Quest is still offering a reward of $1000 in $DREAMS for helpful sighting reports!

The worldwide search for Frost Giant continues. Co-founders alerted the authorities when he failed to show up at the Dreams Quest weekly team meetings. Efforts to ramp up the search are in progress as the Frost Giant is needed to continue Dreams Quest collaboration with The Sandbox.

Reported sightings of the Frost Giant have been pouring from all across the world. Thanks to the amazing reported sightings posted by our community, we have managed to gather a new understanding of our frosty friend. Although he remains missing, the insightful posts people have shared have helped us greatly.

Here are some things we’ve discovered:

1. He might be a history buff.

Whilst on his world tour, the Frost Giant made an effort to visit iconic locations of historical significance. Amongst them, the Taj Mahal, the Acropolis, the Great Pyramids, and even was spotted training for battle like the ancient Romans in the Colosseum!


2. He enjoys being helpful.

Although he is not back home with Dreams Quest, we were glad to see pictures of him helping people and saving lives. Making a difference and helping to empower others to reflect the ethos of Dreams Quest.


3. He enjoys nature hikes, and has conquered Mt. Everest, twice!

Though this one comes as no surprise, we celebrate the feat! He was spotted in the tropics, the cities, the deserts, but looks very much at home in the snow. With a whole beautiful world to explore, it is no wonder he’s been eluding us.


4. He might have a family?

Maybe the Frost Giant needs family, frosty friends, and warm hugs! Maybe it wasn’t cold feet? Maybe he’s a very sociable giant!


5. He might have access to a special portal for travel.

Investigators studied these video sightings below and discovered the Frost Giant appearing through a portal! Whether he has the ability to open portals, or he happened to open one in the Dreams Verse, remains a mystery. For now, at least, there is an answer to his fast travel speed.

Next, we just have to get him home.

Video Links:

How to report the #FrostGiantMissing:

The Dreams Quest team urges the public to continue to post the sightings of Frost Giant on their Twitter or Instagram account with the hashtag #FrostGiantMissing and tag @dreamsquestnft to help locate him.

The Dreams Quest team is also offering a reward of $1000 worth in $DREAMS:

1st Place — $500 in $DREAMS

2nd Place — $200 in $DREAMS

3rd Place — $100 in $DREAMS to 3 Winners

Thank you Dreamers and let’s find our Frost Giant! #FrostGiantMissing

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Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest is building the first-ever metaverse-based economy, a self-sustaining DreamsVerse. Decentralised play-to-earn RPG game using dynamic NFTs